“A soft hiss of this world” – The Book

We are pleased to released “A soft hiss of this world”. This new book in collaboration with the well-know anthropologist Tim Ingold and the philosopher Carmen Pardo comes with a raw recording of snowflakes published in a transparent fexi-disc.

“A soft hiss of this world” talks about the disappearance in many aspects, such as the loss of language as a result of the Anthropocene through the absence of certain states and processes that occur naturally in the environment like different states of water, snow and ice. The sound of snow, ice and snowflakes are the core and the sound material of this research project called → “A soft hiss of this world“.

The book is published and distributed by the German record label Gruenrekorder, like my previous book “Dark Sound“.

→ Buy “A soft hiss of this world” – 14 €

In fact, the two books are available together in a really special price:

→ Buy “Dark Sound” + “A soft hiss of this world” – 34 €

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