“A soft hiss of this world” – A Requiem for our Specie

It is known that in the Arctic, people can see and hear things that are impossible in other places on the planet. These phenomena are caused by special atmospheric conditions and some people in these latitudes have described some sounds that happened at great distances or sounds of extreme delicateness. How much of the landscape resides in our listening?

It’s supposed that we are facing the human extinction due the climate change. The book presentation aims to make us aware of that process. How will the end of the world sound? The public presentations of “A soft hiss of this world” is proposing the possibility of listening to an hyperobject, such as climate change, thanks to a simple exercise of listening to ice melting with water from the Antarctica.

A Requiem for our Specie
Book presentation with Carmen Pardo and Mikel R. Nieto curated by Mayssa Fattouh
19th December 2019 at 19 PM

“La Place” Art Space
Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 10B, 08003 Barcelona (Spain)

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