Sadism is the essential social drive

This micro-cassette contains the moment of listening by a victim of abuse to a selection of raw recordings that she previously made with the worst moments of the relationship with her abuser. The victim previously selected the most painful recordings that she made while the abuser was abusing her with psychological and physical violence. In those recordings is possible to hear how the abuser recognizes his abuse and mistreatment, trying to justify them later by blaming the victim for it. This listening exercise was done by the victim alone at home with the micro-cassette recorder and her sound equipment to play the selected recordings. The proposal of this listening exercise was made by the victim.

Many thanks to her for this listening exercise that shows her strength and courage, as well as how deaf the current social system is towards victims of violence.

Listen an excerpt.

Music’s order simulates the social order, and its dissonances express marginalities.
– Jacques Attali

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