Muteness at B12, Berlin (Germany)

A workshop focused on sound for dancers and other sonic tools on the stage.
21/07 — 24/07/2021 // 13:30 — 17:30
B12 – Berlin (Germany)


usually music in dance is understood as a trigger for movements, or as a background noise or soundscape. both of them are a reduced way to understand the relationship between dancers and composers. this workshop is focused in this gap, proposing another approach in dance through a different way of using music and listening by dancers. jone san martín together with mikel r. nieto, sound artist, propose a working situation in which movement and sound will be approached as parallel activities in order to discover all the possible relationships that can occur between them. san martín will transmit william forsythe’s improvisation technologies and use them as a tool to articulate complex movements, which will interact with the sound landscapes proposed by nieto. through the practice of listening, the body’s responding capacity will be enhanced and ready to deliver that exact and unique movement, which each situation needs. a place to improve the expertise of improvised dance through sound.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops will unfortunately not be possible as of today and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

More info here.

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